2018 Performers Directory

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Andre R. Frattino

Phone: 352-562-2729 

Email: arfstudios@gmail.com 

Audience: All ages

Cost & Length: $300- 90 minute presentation and workshop (no overage costs), $200- Travel Expense

Regions: All regions in Florida

Begins with an engaging overview of the history of "sequential art", from early cave paintings to comic. Continues with the step-by-step procedure for making comics. Finishes with a DIY workshop!



Bill & Eli Perras

Phone: 386-747-9820

Email: HearUsOut@yahoo.com

Cost & Length: Each presentation lasts approx. 50 minutes long and costs between $250 to $500.

Regions: All

Bill & Eli have 2 separate educational presentations:
1) "Educational Florida Folk Songs & Stories"
2) "Black History Month: Song & Story"



Chalk Twins

Phone: 321-689-8955

Email: alan@chalktwins.com

Cost & Length: Performance lengths are determined by the size and complexity of the piece created. For live performance chalk art sizes can start at 4'x4' and can be as large as 8'x12'. A half day performance (4-6 hours) is $300 plus travel. Full day and multi-day performances are $600 per day plus travel. The finished piece of art belongs to you, the library. You can sell it, auction it, donate it or frame it and mount it. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to potentially get FREE entertainment!

Regions: The Chalk Twins are based in Orlando, but have performed throughout Florida - from Miami to Tallahassee.

An extraordinary pair of artists, the Chalk Twins are renowned for creating chalk murals of epic proportions. Working on a custom-built stage, the Chalk Twins bring art to life right at your feet.

Crain Entertainment

Phone: 321-804-4018

Email: info@randycrain.com

Audience: Family Audiences

Cost & Length: Show prices range from $250 to $500, but price can be minimized by more than 1 show in an area. A magical presentation is typically 40 minutes in length, but can be tailored to your particular needs. 

Regions: All of Florida

For over 15 years, Randy Crain owner of Crain Entertainment, has been providing high quality entertainment for schools, corporate events, non-profits, daycares, and private parties. Randy's magic consists of color, music, audience participation, and lots of FUN! He weaves an educational theme into a magic show leaving the kids not just with a great amazing show, but practical application steps to help remember what was seen. 



Darren Yong Magic

Phone: 617-820-6340

Email: darren.yong@live.com

Cost & Length: $650 Per Show $500-$600 Block Booking/multiple shows in day or week

Regions: All parts of Florida. Block booking is preferred, since I travel from Boston, MA. 

Darren's magic show is an interactive program with lots of audience participation, with laugh out loud moments and pure amazement. He will definitely be the talk of your events.

Denny Diamond

Phone: 407-906-8568

Email: denny@dennydiamond.com

Cost & Length: $500 for up to 90 minutes

Regions: Florida

Denny is best known for his tribute to the music of Neil Diamond. Denny can perform a Neil Diamond tribute or a show with a variety of music including artists like Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Jim Croce, Glen Campbell and Johnny Cash. 

Didgeridoo Down Under

Phone: 813-961-4656

Email: darren@didgedownunder.com

Cost & Length: A program (show, workshop or concert) is an hour. Prices are determined by several factors. We offer block-booking discounts. Contact Darren for more details.

Regions: We perform in every region of Florida.

Didgeridoo Down Under is a national touring act based in Tampa. Since 2004, DDU performers have presented 6,000+ shows (for kids & families), workshops (for tweens & teens) and concerts (for adults). The DDU show is a unique fusion of Australian music, culture, puppetry, comedy, character building, storytelling and audience participation. We also offer how-to-play didgeridoo workshops and didgeridoo / world music concerts. Visit www.didgedownunder.com for more info!











Insane Science Guy

Phone: 989-330-3156

Email: caseyslaughandlearn@gmail.com

Cost: $350 per show but as I am based in North Carolina i only do block booking for shows this far from my home base. 5 or more shows on the same day or consecutive days for block booking also gets you $50 off per show!

Regions: All over as long as enough shows are booked.

The Insane Science of Fairyland Come to a land where pumpkins are prisons, wolves sneeze down houses, dragons are ice cold and SCIENCE tells the rest of the story! 





















Sandi Sylver: Storyteller-Ventriloquist-Songstress


Phone: 630-896-8242

Email: sandisylver@yahoo.com

Cost & Length: Programs are 45 minutes, but can go to 60 minutes, if requested, at no additional cost. Fees vary, depending upon the region and number of block bookings, and are discussed on an individual basis.

Regions: I am located in the Tampa Bay area. and perform throughout the state.

All puppets are of the fabric, soft-face variety, and "their" stories are primarily interactive, educational, and uproariously funny!


Phone: 908-334-2525

Email: info@sciencetellers.com

Cost & Length: Single Show (45 minutes): $365 Two Libraries (same day): $335 each Three Libraries (same day): $320 each

Regions: 125 miles from Orlando or Miami

With the help of audience volunteers, we conduct science experiments to bring an exciting story to life! For Summer 2018, we are presenting: "Wild West: The Mystery of the Golden Piano"



Tampa Taiko
Traditional Japanese Drums

Phone: 727-531-7999

Email: tampataiko12@gmail.com

Audience: All Ages

Cost: All-inclusive fee: $350, with discounts for multiple bookings

Regions: Our big drums have traveled to ALL parts of Florida.

After a fun-filled performance that covers the history of taiko and the music of Japan, all attendees are offered the opportunity to play on our big drums!