Friends, Foundations and Boards

  • 50 Nifty Ideas - A Webinar for Friends presented February 7, 2013 by Deborah Hohler and
    Faye Roberts
  • Legal and Tax Considerations For Nonprofits (updated January, 2013)
    Friends of Library groups often have questions about incorporation, tax exempt status, registering to solicit contributions and sales tax. While FLA is unable to provide legal or tax advice, this chart can be a useful tool in talking with your attorney or accountant.
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  • Presentations on Tax & Legal Issues for Nonprofits
    Presentations on tax and legal issues affecting Friends and other not-for-profit organizations created by Dr. Rebecca Trammell, Professor of Law and Director of the Stetson University College of Law Library. The Florida Library Association is indebted to Dr. Trammell and to her colleagues, law librarians Robert Brammer and Whitney Curtis, for presenting this information around the state.
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  • Creating and Maintaining Library Foundations
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  • Additional Resources on Foundations
  • United for Libraries: Association of Library Trustees, Advocates Friends and Foundations
  • Video - Paula Poundstone for Friends of Libraries  
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