Library Snapshot Day
"Libraries provide essential services and are valuable to the community!
In fact, in 2010 individuals surveyed across America indicated that their perceived value of the library has increased - for themselves personally -
and even more so for their community." 1

January 2014

Tell the story of your Florida library and its value to the community by joining us for Florida Library Snapshot Day, January 22, 2014! All types of libraries are invited to submit library photos, statistics, and stories that showcase what happens during one day in their library. Librarians, media specialists, and library staff also have the option of selecting any day during the month of January or during the first week of February to take photographs, and report statistics and stories. Use the link to the Resources page for submission information.

Budget cuts and a slow economy have hurt all libraries everywhere. Be the author of your own fate by participating in Snapshot Day! We are developing resources to make taking part in Snapshot Day as easy as possible. A picture is worth a thousand words; a Snapshot can write volumes for advocacy. It is only through the involvement of librarians, media specialists and library staff that we will complete the portrait of Florida's libraries and how they serve their communities. Let's raise a thousand voices in advocacy!



1 Bauder, B. (Ed.) (2010) Perception of Libraries, 2010: Context and Community, a report to the OCLC membership. Dublin, Ohio; OCLC. p. 44

Participating in Florida Library Snapshot Day is easy!

Our Web site contains all the information you will need for planning your library's Snapshot Day, and submitting your stats and pictures.

Let us hear from you! Register your library here and we'll add your library to our list of participants.

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