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Results for November 2, 2011 Snapshot Day
It's Official, Floridians Love Libraries:
On a single day, over a quarter of a million people used Florida's Libraries

The Florida Library Association's Public Relations Committee is pleased to present the results of Florida Library Snapshot Day. On November 2, 2011, libraries of all types across the State of Florida collected statistics, pictures, and stories from users to show what a typical day in the life of a Florida Library looks like.

One of the highlights this year has been the remarkable increase in participation of all types of libraries: small town libraries, cooperatives, big city libraries, public libraries, community colleges, universities, private colleges, school media centers, special libraries, and everything in between. From Pensacola to Miami library visitors shared their stories which showcase the positive impacts libraries have in the communities they serve.

Support the library in your community. Libraries need economic, political, and community support to provide patrons, students, and clients the quality resources and services shown in these pictures!

In Just One Day - November 2, 2011

  • 287,631 Floridians visited a library and borrowed 298,653 books, DVDs, magazines, or other items.
  • 56,813 people used a library computer and 8,872 learned computer skills.
  • 33,673 received answers to their questions.
  • 23,089 children, teens and adults attended library events or instruction sessions.
  • 8,968 students were helped with schoolwork.

To find out lots more about how Floridians used their libraries on just one day, click here

Comment Highlights

  • The library expands my horizons! Gives access to information and entertainment. I use library computers to pay bills, email, arrange travel plans, etc. It is a community jewel - in the current economic condition it provides escape and respite. I cherish our library system.
    Peter, St. Augustine
  • Our library and our media specialist provide a peaceful and quiet sanctuary for our children. Something very important for so many children coming from difficult home and neighborhood environments.
    Richard, Bradenton
  • The library is the most wonderful place on our school property. Whoever invented the library: You are the best person ever!
    T. Stevens, Lakeland
  • Few things in life are still free, but you can always turn to the library for all kinds of entertainment and I will always appreciate that.
    Angela, Apopka
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