You're Invited to Support the 2021 
Florida Library Association's Annual Conference.
Exhibit Tradeshow Prospectus
In-Person or Virtual

For the safety of our guests, FLA has decided to host a HYBRID 2021 Annual Conference!  For those attending in-person, FLA and Hilton are committed to enhanced levels of cleanliness, significant attendance limits and physical distancing meeting protocols as well as mandatory masks.  FLA acknowledges the Governor's recent executive order (21-81), prohibiting government and businesses from requiring proof of vaccination and/or proof of negative covid tests. To that end, we will no longer require proof of vaccination and/or negative covid tests as a requirement to attend FLA's 2021 Annual Conference. However, we firmly believe that the safety of our members, partners and guests should remain our highest priority and we will maintain our policy on mandatory masks and social distancing for the duration of the 2021 Annual Conference. A virtual option with live streaming and other engaging activities is available for attendees not able to travel. 

Benefits, Pricing & Schedule of Events:

   In-Person Booth Virtual Booth
Benefit Package Highlights:
  • Exclusively limited to 32 booths due to COVID safety protocols
  • Five show hours; 3-hours non-compete
  • Daytona Beach Oceanfront LOCATION!
  • Theatre pod presentation opportunities for purchase
  • Discount on exhibit booth for dues paying FLA Business Members
  • Booths all spaced out 6ft or more apart
  • Limited to 2 booth representative passes only.  No additional passes will be available due to COVID safety protocols.
  • FLA incentives for attendee participation by scavenger hunt game
  • Lite snacks and refreshments available 
  • Tiered exhibit space options (Priority, Standard and early bird rates)
  • You choose your location on floor plan with interactive booth selection online system
  • Company information on FLA website
  • Logo in opening conference video
  • Pre-post attendee list (exception of name/email for attendees that opt-out)
  • Booth includes 8’ high Back wall Pipe and Drape, 33’’ high Side rail
    Pipe and Drape, (1) Company identification sign , (1) 6’ skirted table, (2) side chairs, (1) Wastebasket
  • Security for one-night Wednesday, May 19, 2021


  • Exclusively limited to 30 virtual booths
  • Dedicated live presentation time (7-10 minute) during FLA program
  • Dedicated webpage with company information available all summer on-demand
  • Zoom rooms available for exhibitor to use as needed (FLA zoom hour is May 20th 11:30-12:30pm)
  • Additional FLA marketing to attendees for open zoom room times if applicable
  • More engaging and easier to navigate platform
  • FLA scavenger hunt and other incentives to increase attendee participation 
  • Company information and logo on FLA website/platform
  • Social media shout out for each company
  • One email marketing piece released to full FLA membership (designed by exhibitor) 
  • Pre-post attendee list (exception of name/email for attendees that opt-out)
  • Logo in opening conference video
  • Two complimentary registration passes for exhibitor to attend/watch the live stream conference program

Early Bird Dec 15-Jan 15: $795 Regular/$845 Priority center 
Jan. 15 - May 15:  $895 Regular /$945 Priority center

$1040 Regular /$1090 Priority center

Sponsor a Theatre Pod Presentation (10-min) add-on:
$ 500

Plexiglass table shields, Wifi and electrical additional cost


Early Bird Dec 15- Jan 15: $725 
Jan. 15 - May 15:  $850


Schedule of Events (updated 3/25)
May 19
In-Person Booth Virtual Booth
9am - 3:30pm Exhibitor Setup

10am - 11:30am
Special Opening welcome for virtual attendees
Trivia Session for virtual attendees (2 comp exhibitors invited to attend)
Exhibitor Webpages open
Scavenger hunt activity begins

11:30am - 3:30pm FLA attendees in session FLA attendees in session - virtual stream starts at 12pm
Two comp exhibitors invited to watch live stream
Attendees encouraged to visit exhibitor virtual booth pages during breaks.
3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Exhibit Show Open
Lite snacks
Scavenger hunt incentive activity
Educational Theatre Pods Open

4pm - 5pm
Exhibitor invited to FLA virtual "Happy Hour" program

6pm - 7:30 pm

Exhibitor invited to FLA reception for networking
(No hard sales permitted)


May 20
8am - 9am

Coffee with Exhibitors

Educational Theatre Pods Open

8am - 9:15am 
Coffee with Exhibitors
Exhibit Virtual Live Presentations Open
5-7 minute presentation (live or pre-records) 
Live Zoom
Scavenger hunt incentive activity
Starbucks gift card link at end of session to attendees watching
Webpages open
9:15am - 11:30am FLA sessions in progress
Exhibits Open concurrent

FLA attendees in session
Exhibitors invited to watch live stream
11am Exhibit Show Tear-Down

11:30am - 12:30am Exhibitor Zoom Rooms Open (optional per exhibitor) 

Update: FLA Zoom Link with Breakout Rooms for each Exhibitor

11:30am - 1pm  FLA attendees in session FLA attendees in closing session - Virtual stream begins at 12:30pm
Exhibitor invited to watch live session
1pm - 3pm   Scavenger hunt raffle winners announced on social media
On-demand   Webpages open



In order to avoid placing competitors in close proximity, FLA requires that Exhibitor booths are chosen solely by the exhibit company during the online interactive booth registration process also on a first-come, first-serve basis.  FLA is not responsible for assignment of booth.






COVID safety protocols 

  • Mandatory Face Covering Policy
  • Hotel room Digital Key Contactless Check-In and Check-Out
  • Hotel Digital Key
  • Plexi-Glass shields at the front desk and at buffet stations in the restaurants and banquets 
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations throughout the resort
  • Maintain 6 feet (or local guidance, if more stringent) between hotel associates and guests.  
  • Meeting rooms are disinfected after each meeting using hospital grade cleaning solutions and Lysol spray/wipe products
  • Meeting room sets will adhere to 6ft physical distancing.  (one per 6ft table in committee meeting rooms)
  • Dinner sets will adhere to 6ft physical distancing.
  • All equipment and meeting amenities are sanitized before and after each meeting.
  • Linen-less setup is used where available. Linens (when utilized) are accommodated with assigned seating or replaced during a full day meeting, at lunch or after each meeting.
  • Sanitizing stations with hand sanitizers or sanitizing wipes are easily accessible to guests in meeting rooms.
  • Masks are made available for meeting guests, upon request.
  • Pens and writing pads are available upon request.
  • Disinfectant wipes are provided for the speakers during presentation



FLA Mailing List Usage Policy:

List Usage Policy: Use of FLA's mailing list is for a one-time use within 30 days prior to conference and one-time use only within 30 days post our annual conference.  No retention or reproduction in any form is allowed.  FLA’s lists have systems to monitor improper use.  FLA retains the right to approve and review all materials to be distributed and its relevancy to the association and conference.  

Beware of Room Block Scammers

Please beware of anyone calling you to make hotel reservations.  Some companies are calling vendors and inaccurately representing themselves as our "housing vendor" trying to solicit business. Specifically, they will offer to make hotel reservations within the FLA block on your behalf and some will also mis-represent that they are calling from FLA or the Hilton hotel.

FLA is not utilizing the services of any housing service.

You should initiate all room reservations.  Reservations should be made directly with the hotel, either by phone: using the special rate code (FLA) or visit their website:

Thank you for your consideration of support!  

Please call the FLA office at 850-270-9205 with questions or to discuss the event in greater detail.  
We look forward to working with you.