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 Bits N Pieces Puppet Theatre


Email: [email protected]

Website: www.puppetworld.com


SUMMER READING 2023 Sharing and Caring Theme “The Selfish Giant’s Garden” Bits ‘N Pieces’ ‘Selfish Giant’ is based on Oscar Wilde’s famous fairy tale about a giant who learns it’s never too late to share. The production features lathe-turned-wooden marionettes. The puppet’s simple wooden surface is left so children can use their imagination. The hair is made of rope, the eyes of shiny brads. The string puppet children are round and smooth while the Giant is boxy and rough. The musical show contrasts selfishness and sharing. How does a Selfish Giant learn to share? SUMMER READING 2024 Adventure Theme “Robin Hood” Robin Hood helps the rich give to the poor. Join Little John and the band of merry men. Seek adventure. Defeat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Feel the excitement as Maid Marion is saved by the bow and bravery of Robin Hood. Huzzah! Beautifully bedecked traditional marionettes, elaborate stage sets, and medieval music bring the audience into Sherwood Forest where the puppeteer has a tale to tell. ADDITIONAL YEAR-ROUND programs include “The Gingerbread Man,” “Rumpelstiltskin,” “Jack and the Beanstalk,” and others. Call or write for details. ABOUT THE PUPPETEER Spin a Globe and take a look at the Earth. Every place there are children, there are puppet shows. Everyone loves to laugh and hear a good story. Mr. Jerry Bickel brings his one-man puppet show to life. He plays the parts, sings the song, and tells the tale. Bickel received the Distinguished Career Award in Children’s/Youth Theatre from the Florida Theater Conference and has made many international appearances in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Program Length: Bits N Pieces’ Programs run 50 minutes: Introduction 5 minutes, Puppet Play 35 minutes, Demo/Q&A 10 minutes.

Regions and Fees: SINGLE DAY FLORIDA FEE: Tampa Bay $300-375Central $375South $500Northeast $500Panhandle $600Additional Performances same day/location $100.00Block Booking Discounts & In-Route Fees AvailableSPECIAL REDUCED FEES for Counties with populations under 74,000 people. Our Rural County Tour is supported by a grant from the Florida Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture. These Special Programs (Available Now through June 30, 2023) also include a complete AIE Puppet-making Workshop session or a Lecture Demo. Title One Schools statewide are also eligible to apply. Call for details. Special reduced fee for counties with populations under 74,000 people.Special reduced fee for all Title One schools outside Hillsborough County.

Bright Star Touring Theatre 

Bright Star Touring Theatre-Josh Batenhorst

Email: [email protected]rtheatre.com

Website: www.brightstartheatre.com


Bright Star provides dozens of shows across a wide variety of topics - Black History, Women's History, STEM/STEAM, Healthy Choices, Bully Prevention, Social Emotional Learning, and Classic Literature. We are a favorite of summer reading programs and perform hundreds of shows every summer all over the world!

Program Length: Each show is 45 minutes long.
Regions: All
Fees: Library pricing starts at $545 + Travel Fee (depending on distance, $75-$125).


































 The Moogician

 The Moogician

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.moogician.com

Description: AbraCOWdabra! Todd Charles, the Moogician is back! While living on a dairy farm, Todd learned all the ins and outs of dairy production. This inspired him to create his own dairy-themed show! Get ready for magic with milk, juggling cheese, and all things MOO! The Moogician Show is a Favorite, full of lots of FUN & CREATIVITY, along with educational tidbits.

Cost: Programs start at $350 (local) and go up depending on distance (driving, hotels, etc). Discounts on multiple bookings. 

Length of Program: The program runs for 50-60 minutes. Lots of references are available from libraries upon request.

Region:  I perform in all regions of Florida.

Menestrelli Entertainment, LLC 


Phone: 407-493-3607
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.menestrelli.com

Description: The Circus Dog Show by Menestrelli Entertainment, LLC is a traveling special Dog Show with a group of funny and very entertaining dogs that will come to your location! These dogs are amazing! They know how to climb stairs, perform somersaults, and other uniquely designed family tricks.Our fluffy artists interact with the audience during the show. Also, we provide our funny dogs for a photoshoot - public cameras. This is a very positive and useful experience with animals. As well, we give viewers twisting balloons, the shape of poodles. Which makes your event especially bright and colorful. Our performances are Unforgettable, Spectacular and Simply Amazing! No Limit to Audience Size!

Cost: Parking and travel fees may be added. We provide a discount for multiple shows. The price depends on the distance from zip 32820. The base price is $550 per show.

Length of Program: The Circus Dog Show by Menestrelli Entertainment, LLC. In the program: 2 Artists, 10 dogs, 30 minutes nonstop circus act, after that interact with dogs, photos with animals, public cameras, and twister balloons in the shape of poodles. Total 45 minutes. Our participation runs 45 minutes in length

Region:  Central Florida







On The Go Music

On The Go Music- Richia Dix

Phone: 954-993-7491
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.otg-music.com

Description:To see actual footage of our presentations, please go to @onthegomusicco for videos on our Facebook page. On the GO Music inc. provides an interactive World Music Drumming presentation, where we bring actual Percussive instruments and rhythms from Africa and The Caribbean. We engage students from the preschool toddler age to elementary, Middle, and High School students. We encourage parents to get involved as well. examples of the instruments include African Djembes(drums) Conga Drums, Tubanos(American Hand drums)Maracas, Africa Shekere's(Shakers), Cowbells, Gankougui(African Double Bells) Guiros(Latin Scrapers)Steel pan Drums, and recently we have added Xylophones. We also have a host of smaller instruments.

Length of Program and Cost: The basic Program cost is 350.00 per hour. Within Broward, it is $350.00 per hour, with no travel or lodging fee. For Palm Beach County and Dade County: $50-200.00 additional fee for Travel expenses. Anywhere North of Palm Beach County please add an additional 400.00 for Travel expenses. Anywhere South of Dade County please add an additional 400.00 for Travel expenses. These are our costs, however, nothing is etched in stone, and we may be able to work with your budget.

Regions: We are located here in the South Florida Area, primarily in Broward County. However, we have done performances in the West Palm Beach Area and Dade county Areas. We are willing to go as far north as the Tampa-Orlando- Daytona Beach area. As far west as the Ft. Meyers Costal area and as Far South as Key West. However, the cost to travel outside of Broward increases significantly given the requested area of performance.


Out of My Hands Juggling & Illusions 

Out Of My Hands

Phone: 239-560-1671
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.outofmyhands2.com

Description: There's a reason for the rhyme! Welcome to Out of My Hands-where imagination becomes reality! Blending choreographed juggling with illusions, Out of My Hands delivers a high-energy family show that is innovative and interactive. Positive messages are incorporated into every show. It's kinetic artistry! It's musical! A juggling workshop is also available. The workshop encourages perseverance, builds self-esteem, promotes goal setting, and allows individuals to experience an aerobic workout. Out of Hands is available year-round and has a family Christmas show.

Cost: The cost per show is $325-$550 depending on travel and the number of shows booked within a region. Discounts are available for multiple bookings. Add a second show (back-to-back) for $175. Add a juggling workshop (same day as the show) for $150.

Length of Program: The show length is approximately 55 minutes.

Region:  I perform in all regions of Florida.

 Orisirisi African Folklore

 Orisirisi African Folklore

Phone: 407-697-1336
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.orisirisiafricanfolklore.com

Description: Orisirisi African Folklore is a performing arts company rooted in the history, culture, and traditions of Africa and the African diaspora, inclusive of folktales, legends, and myths, spirited drumming, dance, and song, children’s games, lectures on special topics, and a healthy dose of the obligatory African tradition of audience participation. The nationally and internationally acclaimed performing arts and the educational initiative was founded in 1986 by husband-and-wife team Don and Tutu Harrell, with the expressed purpose of sharing the beauty and poignancy of African life and culture. The company has provided its unique brand of folklore, for countless people from a vast array of demographics and cultural backgrounds at primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, festivals, churches, libraries, museums, conferences, corporate and teacher in-services, television and radio programs, special events including an approximately 12,000 show run over the course of nine years at Walt Disney World’s Epcot while exhibiting an unwavering commitment to the needs of the individual, the group, the community, and society at large. Orisirisi African Folklore was recently featured in the WUCF/PBS Emmy Award-Winning Special-GRRI-IFIC Neighbors with Daniel Tigers Here are two of the shows shared in variation by Orisirisi African Folklore: Moonlight StoriesMoonlight Stories is a recreation of the African storytelling tradition, inclusive of mesmerizing African drumming and dance, spirited call and response songs, and fun-filled audience participation. Though child-centered it appeals to the child’s-heart in everyone, as the audience members meet Dog and Turtle, The Wolf and The Three Kids, Anansi and His Six Sons, and other unforgettable characters that none one will soon forget! Drum SermonsDrum Sermons is a celebration of music that recounts its origin and makes clear how it came to live in our hearts. This informative yet entertaining performance includes stories from the far corners of the African continent, spirited drumming, dance, and song, and a healthy dose of the obligatory African tradition of audience participation, provided by Orisirisi African Folklore

Cost: Cost ranges from $600 to $1500 depending upon the distance traveled and whether or not the request is a single performance or part of a block booking agreement.

Length of Program: We offer 50-60 minute programs (Additionally African drumming and chanting workshop of approximately 60 mins also available upon request).

Region:  I perform in all regions of Florida.



 Pop Up Art School


Phone: 781-626-0934
Email: [email protected]

Description: Art programs for kids 8 to 12, teens, and adults: needle felting, canvas painting, clay, watercolor & drawing. Needle felting for teens and adults is our most popular type of prerecorded program. People love the fuzzy texture and how easy it is to learn; there are no patterns to memorize and the repetitive nature of the craft is relaxing. Kits come with enough wool roving for the project, a foam block, and two needles. After the program, patrons can use the foam block and needles for future felting projects. Our mission is to provide programs your patrons will love, and ask for again and again! We promise to serve you with professionalism and punctuality; from our prompt email replies to our pre-made kits.

Cost: For libraries in Florida, we offer two types of programs:1) $125-$250 Pre-recorded programs with kits gives you the most flexibility. Your library has access to one of our professionally produced videos for 30 days. Schedule Watch & Create events at your library. Your patrons can gather together to watch the video and learn as a group. For patrons that can't make it in person they can learn from home with a video link and a kit. Drawing programs for kids with no kits are $125. Other projects are $250 and come with 15 kits (shipping is free!). Additional kits are available.2) $150-$275 Virtual/hybrid with live instruction via zoom. Virtual programs are 60 minutes and can be hosted on our zoom account. Drawing programs with no kits are $150. Other projects are $275 income with 15 kits (shipping is free!) Additional kits are available.

Length of Program: Virtual Programs are 60 minutes. For all other lengths, email at the address above. 

Region:  Any and all regions. Although based in Massachusetts, we offer prerecorded and virtual programs nationwide.







 Reactory Factory

Reactory Factory-Christian Navarro

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.reactoryfactory.com

Description: DJ Dan and Dr. Reacto get kids excited about learning through music, science, technology, dancing, kindness, and a story that engages the audience. This high-tech show is both educational and transformational. Kids enjoy seeing the animated Jungle Party video characters (as seen on PBS) brought to life for a “Let’s Get All Together Now” themed show.

Program Length: 45 Minutes


Regions: Central FloridaNorth FloridaSouth Florida