Child Internet Safety - Tools for Libraries

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The Tampa Bay Library Consortium (TBLC) has developed these products to help libraries promote child Internet safety in their communities. Libraries are encouraged to download the materials, to "locally brand them" - i.e. add their logos or URL's, and to print them for local use.

These materials are covered under a Creative Commons deed allowing use if

  • Attribution is provided on the materials;
  • Use is noncommercial; and
  • No derivative works are permitted.
  • TBLC grants an exception to the No Derivative stipulation and allows libraries to alter the works by including their logos, names, and /or URLs to promote the local library. See TBLC's web page on Internet safety link to for additional information.

Click on the links below to download the materials

NetSmartz Activities

The folks at NetSmartz have developed a curriculum with several interactive training activities that are tailored for specific age groups. The training vignettes allow kids to work at their own pace and earn a "web-license" and a printed certificate. These can be can be downloaded onto library computers.

  • "Clicky's Web World" - Recommended for grades K-2, this program is a series of four short, interactive activities that teach children about Internet safety. (Available also in Spanish)
  • "NetSmartz Rules!" - Recommended for grades 3-6, this program is a series of eight short, interactive activities that teach children about the possible dangers they may encounter online. (Available also in Spanish)
  • "I-360" - This program is a series of six vignettes based on actual experiences created to teach teens about Internet safety and the importance of having good netiquette. (Available only in English)

For the three activities above, CLICK HERE 

NetSmartz Cyberbullying Video - "Terrible Text"

This video clip helps teens and tweens understand what cyberbullying is and what to do about it. This can also be downloaded onto library computers.

NetSmartz Safety Presentations

These are child Internet Safety PowerPoint presentations that NetSmartz makes available for use with children and adults. These can be used for library programs conducted by law enforcement representatives or library staff for parents and kids.


Page Updated:10/31/2016