Introduction to RA21 (Remote Access for the 21st Century)

RA21 is a proposed NISO recommendation using Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication to connect library patrons to licensed content. If widely adopted, this standard will ultimately phase out the need for VPNs, proxy servers, and IP-based access. Equip yourself for meaningful discussions with vendors, IT departments, and others about RA21.




Andrew Anderson, Library and Information Resources Network

Never one to be content with the status quo, Andrew brings his experience from academic institutions, Fortune 500 companies, Internet startups, telephone and gaming companies to the academic library space. After years of pushing technology to its limits and beyond, he now focuses on tearing down barriers to learning and creating a better user experience by streamlining student access to learning resources. Andrew is leading LIRN to make digital libraries easier and simpler to use for both students and faculty alike.

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