Donations for Hurricane Irma Recovery

Florida Libraries Disaster Relief Fund

THANK YOU so much for your generosity to Florida libraries and their efforts to recover from Hurricane Irma.  We truly appreciate your support!  Reports of damage and needs assesments are going to be a slow process as those affected by the storm make their way back to work.  Once we know the full extent of what libraries need, we will be sure the disperse your donations accordingly.


Donor Note
Alena Chadwick  
Alice Walker  
Alison Mitchell  
Amanda Wiseman  
Amy Rood  
Andrew Beman-Cavallaro  
Barbara Stites  
Beth Hennes  
Bibliotheca, LLC  
Bonita Doepker  
Brad Ward  
Brian Nelson On behalf of Nelson Literary Agency and the participants of Critique Auction.
Brittany Broz From an LSU SLIS student!
Carole Leita  
Caroline Boyer  
Catherine Coffey  
Catherine Frost  
Catherine King  
Central Rappahannock Regional Library  
Cheryl Sargeant Friends of Monona library in Wisconsin support you.
Children's Book Guild  
Christopher Moore  
Cincinnati Public Library Staff Association  
Coles Ferry Elementary Lebanon, TN
Dawn Pollock  
Debra Kern  
Diane Bronson  
Friends of the Kittanning Public Library Please accept this donation for your relief effort.  We know you will have many challenges to overcome in the wake of the recent hurricane.  Our thoughts and praryers are with you and your families.
Gene Coppola  
Hannah Martin  
James Unerwood  
Janina Chadwick  
Jean E. DeLauche  
Jean Phillips  
Jeanette Mosey  
Jeanine Thubauville  
Jill Hastings  
Joanna Norman  
Judith M. Greenfeild  
Julia Lane  
Jung yoon  
Junior Library Guild  
K-12 Lib  
Karen Greene  
Katherine Starks Please accept this donation to the libraries of Florida from the School Librarians of the Southern Tier East from the Binghamton, NY area.
Kathleen Mccook I love our libraries.
Kathy Drake  
Keri Cascio  
Kim Lowe  
Linda Wright  
Mary Duranti  
MaryKay Dahlgreen  
Michael Dowling  
Nancy Cohen  
Nancy Davis  
North Kansas City Public Library  
Novare Library Services  
Olathe Public Library Olathe Public Library (in Olathe, KS) supports your relief efforts.
Palm Beach County LIbrary Association  
Rachael Blomquist  
Raymonde  Howell From Dan and Raymonde Howell, Noblesville In and Bonita Springs, FL
Robert Belvin  
Robin Shader  
Sarah Kelley  
Stephanie Miller  
Suzanne Butte  
Tennessee Association of School Librarians  
Valeria Long  
Whatcom County Library Staff Bellingham, WA
Cincinnati Public Library Staff Association