Guidelines for Publishing in Florida Libraries

  • Content: 
    Florida Libraries publishes articles on topics of interest to Florida librarians and related to Florida libraries. Articles for the Fall issue are related to a designated theme and are refereed. Articles may be informal and do not need to be scholarly in nature, but should be informative and address professional issues of interest to the library community in the state. The style should be inviting and readable, and the content should be backed by responsible research and/or interviews. The author's name and a brief note about the author should be included on a separate sheet.
  • Deadlines: 
    Deadline for articles for the Spring issue is January 7.The deadline for articles for the Fall issue is July 15. Article proposals are due one month prior to the article deadline and should be submitted on the Article Proposal Form (doc).
  • Style: 
    Articles should follow guidelines in The Chicago Manual of Style.
    Use endnotes rather than in-text citations
    Active voice is preferable.
  • Length: 
    1,000-2,500 words  
  • Photos: 
    Photos or illustrations, in electronic or print format, may be submitted with articles. Photos will be returned, if requested.
  • Format: 
    Articles should be double-spaced and written in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. Proposals and articles should be sent, preferably in electronic form, to the editor of Florida Libraries. An article may be sent as an attachment to an e-mail message.
  • Send article manuscripts to: 
    [email protected]
  • Send books for review to:
    Joyce Sparrow
    Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County
    6698 68th St. N., Ste. A
    Pinellas Park, FL  33781-5015
    [email protected]
  • Reviews: 
    Articles will be reviewed by the Editorial Subcommittee and at least one independent reviewer with knowledge of the subject area. All articles are subject to revisions, deletions, or additions, which, in the opinion of the editor support the author's intent. Articles not selected for publication in the next issue may be held for subsequent issues.
  • Style Guide
    a.m., p.m. - lowercase with periods
    DVD - capitalize 
    e-mail - hyphenate 
    home page - two words 
    Internet - capitalize 
    intranet - lowercase 
    listserv - one word, lowercase
    numbers - spell out numbers from one to one hundred, round numbers, and numbers at the beginning of a sentence; use numerals in an address, with percentages, money and dates (See Chicago Manual of Style for specific information on numbers) 
    online - one word, lowercase, do not hypenate
    percentages - use the numeral, followed by the word percent (e.g., 50 percent)
    URL - capitalize 
    Web site, Web page - each is two words, Web is capitalized
    Word Wide Web - three words, capitalize. Use the Web on second reference
Page Updated: 9/22/2016