2020 Poster Sessions
The Graduate Research Marathon:
Leading the Way Forward for Doctoral Candidates in an Academic Library


Intended Audience

Academic Libraries, Library Leadership

Poster Summary and Objectives

Building on the longstanding success of our Faculty Research Marathon, which provides faculty members two days of uninterrupted time in our library to develop research, academic, and creative projects, the librarians at Florida Southern College worked with the Coordinator of the Doctor of Education program to adapt the Marathon to meet the needs of doctoral candidates. Through workshops, dedicated time to write and meet with faculty members and librarians, and space to work with other students, the EdD Research Marathon ensures that EdD candidates learn the skills and foster the relationships that will lead to success in their field. This poster will describe the planning that has occurred and will discuss our research to understand the perceptions of doctoral students regarding the value of participating in the Marathons in support of their research. It will provide an achievable model to follow for other academic libraries interested in adding value to the services they provide graduate students on their own campuses.


Nora Galbraith, Resource Sharing Librarian, Florida Southern College
Victoria Giordano, Dean of Education, Florida Southern College
Julie Hornick- Florida Southern College
Randall MacDonald, Director of the Library, Florida Southern College
Marina Morgan, Metadata Librarian, Florida Southern College
Steven Wade, Instructional Services Librarian, Florida Southern College
  • Presenters have experience presenting poster sessions on programs developed at Florida Southern College to meet the needs of diverse student groups.