The Florida Library Association is a statewide organization that promotes excellence in Florida libraries by advocating strongly for libraries and providing high quality professional and leadership development for a diverse community of library staff, volunteers, and supporters. 

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2018 FLA President's Message

" Each of us, no matter what our role in the library, has the power to make positive change every day.  We have the research skills to identify and address community needs. We have the opportunity to make each interaction with the library memorable.  We have the creativity to design experiences that make visitors say “Wow!”  Through continual reinvention and reinvigoration of services, libraries are able to connect people with information, with each other, and with current technologies.  And when we are passionate about the subject we are teaching, our enthusiasm has a tendency to inspire others..." 

Robin Shader
President, Florida Library Association
Director, Bay County Public Library & Northwest Regional Library System

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We CAN Make a Difference!

There was standing room only during the August 7, 2017 City of Mary Esther budget meeting. Support for the library was evident as soon as you approached the parking lot.  The lot was full and there were lawn signs reading “Save Our Mary Esther Public Library.”  Many attendees held signs throughout the meeting, and some spoke passionately about the value of the library.  The council discussed several options for closing the budget gap, none of which included closing the library!  It was a wonderful example of advocacy in action.