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Name: Orisirisi African Folklore
Contact:  Mr. Donald Gregory Harrell MIS
Phone: 407-697-1336
Email: [email protected]
Website:  www.orisirisiafricanfolklore.com

Description:  We are presently offering two shows which are offered in variation depending upon the audience demographic, the occasion, and other factors ascertained during pre-planning with the present. They are Moonlight Stories-a recreation of the African storytelling tradition, inclusive of mesmerizing African drumming and dance, spirited call and response songs, and fun-filled audience participation. Though child-centered it appeals to the child’s-heart in everyone, as the audience members meet Dog and Turtle, The Wolf and The Three Kids, Anansi and His Six Sons or other unforgettable characters that none one will soon forget andDrum Sermons-a celebration of music that recounts its origin and makes clear how it came to live in our hearts. This informative yet entertaining performance includes stories from the far corners of the African continent, spirited drumming, dance, and song, and a healthy dose of the obligatory African tradition of audience participation.

Cost:  Program cost range: $600-$1500 depending upon whether single program or a block booking, distance travelled, and the ocassion.

 The Moogician  

Name: The Moogician
Contact:  Todd Charles
Phone: 941-962-6114
Email: [email protected]
Website:  www.moogician.com

Description:  Cowmedy Agri-tainment at it's BEST!Milk is magical, cheese is juggle-able, and cows are cool!"The Moogician" is the ONLY Magic, Juggling, Banjo Pickin', Comedy Attraction that celebrates all things Dairy.  Amazing Magic, Dairy Farming Fun Facts, and Refreshingly ORIGINAL MATERIAL! The Moogician Promotes Reading one laugh at a time!

Cost:  Starts at $375 for any libraries within an hour from Sarasota zip code 34233. Goes up in increments of $25 depending on the distance. Discount offered for multiple bookings on same day. Program runs 50-60 minutes.