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FLA is excited to announce that our bi-annual journal, Florida Libraries, will now be open to everyone from the first date of publication instead of having a 6-month waiting period for public access. What does this mean for you? More eyes will be on our statewide publication from the get go, which means more access to your audience! 

Florida Libraries features topics of interest to Florida libraries and their staff. Articles are informative, timely and a trusted resource in the library community. Each issue has the potential to reach thousands; viewership is constantly growing! Show your support for Florida libraries and take advantage of this opportunity to highlight your organization in our publication and purchase an advertisement.

For more information, contact Karen Layton, FLA Communications & Events Manager, at [email protected] or 850-270-9205

Deadline to submit ad:

  • Spring Issue: April 1st  Extended to April 15th
  • Fall Issue: October 1st

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