The Florida Library Association is a statewide organization that promotes excellence in Florida libraries by advocating strongly for libraries and providing high quality professional and leadership development for a diverse community of library staff, volunteers, and supporters.


The Florida Library Association champions strong, indispensable, user-focused Florida libraries that exceed the expectations of the communities and constituents they serve.


  • We view diversity as a strength and are committed to growing, retaining, and supporting a diverse membership.  We ensure members feel a sense of welcoming and belonging through an inclusive membership experience.
  • We develop and strengthen outreach and partnerships. 
  • We ensure every aspect of the association’s business reflects the diverse and inclusive communities and library users served and the world we want to live in. Every team is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.
  • We search for creative solutions and manage the association’s resources wisely.  
  • We are focused on achieving meaningful and actionable results that support the enhancement of the Library profession in Florida. 
  • We treat people with dignity and professionalism, and we strive to give everyone access to the same opportunities. 
  • We support all library workers and recognize that all career levels are integral to the success of the library.
  • We use leadership and collaboration to achieve positive outcomes for members, library workers, library users and the communities they serve. 
Map of FLA Regions