Committee Descriptions


Committee Description Term of Service
Advocacy & Legislative

Develops a recommended legislative platform for approval by the Executive Board. Maintains relationships with local and state officials to increase their support of libraries and to gain support for needed legislation. Oversees the advocacy donations campaign before Library Days to solicit funds to support the Association’s legislative advocacy/lobbying activites.  

2 Years
Awards Committee

Ensures the recognition of outstanding organizations and individuals for their contributions to librarianship in Florida by publicizing award opportunities, by accepting and evaluating nominations, and by selecting and recognizing deserving recipients.

 2 Years
Conference Planning

Plans and coordinates the FLA Annual Conference by completing tasks such as: managing the breakout sessions, securing exhibitors, researching speakers, planning networking and social events, and coordinate our performers.

2 Years
Continuing Education

Keeps the Executive Board abreast on all of the current  policies and practices for libraries in Continuing Education. Oversees member assessments on CE every 3-years, and maintains a CE plan. Facilitates & manages two conference programs-Poster Sessions and Roundtable Sessions.

2 Years

Attend meetings to go over FLA’s finances and to prepare a budget to bring to the Executive board. Maintains the budget;  reviews and makes recommendations based on the previous year’s financial reports and investments.

1 Year
Florida Public Libraries Standards & Outcomes

Oversees, reviews, and maintains the current public  library standards document (PLSD) to insure that      included statistical information is the latest available. Updates the PLSD every three years as needed.

3 Years

Plans and carries out all fundraisers. Coordinates and maintains relationships with donors and potential donors. Researches and develops fundraising strategies and/or events.  Monitors scholarship funds; coordinates and oversees fundraisers to help replenish the scholarship fund.

2 Years
Human Resources

Maintains the job description for the Executive Director and makes recommendations for a new director if the position needs to be filled. Evaluates the director’s job  performance and submits an annual report to the Executive Board.     

2 Years
Intellectual Freedom

Keeps abreast of all of the encroachments on intellectual freedom. Acts as an advisory board to the Executive Board in safeguarding the rights of Florida library users. Investigates any case of censorship; and creates an IF program at the FLA conference at a minimum of every other year.

2 Years
Leadership Development

Designs various programs to help propagate leadership within library employees and the FLA. Oversees the FLA mentoring program and puts together programs for the FLA conference and for continuing education.

2 Years
Library Career Development

Works in conjunction with university counselors to inform future librarians of the various job openings in libraries. Works with the Membership Committee to create brochures to advocate careers in libraries. Plans an appropriate program for the FLA conference. 

2 Years
Marketing & Membership

The Membership & Marketing Committee develops and oversees projects designed to recruit and retain FLA members and inform the greater library community about the association and its goals.

2 Years
Nominating Prepares the election slate with the needed demographics and photos. Assembles the final publication-ready ballot and submits to the FLA Office for publication so that everything is ready by the opening day of the FLA conference.  1 Year
 Planning Studies and provides information regarding library services and development throughout the State to the Executive Board. Oversees and maintains the Strategic Plan, and makes suggestions as needed to the Executive Board. Works with the President and/or the Executive Board on various tasks as needed.   2 Years
 Scholarship Oversees the scholarship applications and selects scholarship recipients.   2 Years