Diversity Discussions

This book club is open to anyone at no charge! Books are carefully selected to encourage dialogue on topics of diversity and how they may relate to the library workplace. Together, we create a fun and safe environment where we can have conversations on topics like gender identity, race, and immigrant experiences with the help of some really interesting reads.

Here's what's up next:






She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat 
by Sakaomi Yuzaki

"Cooking is how Nomoto de-stresses, but one day, she finds herself making way more than she can eat by herself. And so, she invites her neighbor Kasuga, who also lives alone. What will come out of this impromptu dinner invitation?" Featuring themes of mental health, queer community, and more. 

FREE and open to all!. 

April 9, 2024, 3 pm, EDT