Apply for Hurricane Relief 

Apply for disaster relief for libraries or individuals. Our members and supporters have raised thousands of dollars to help you through the tumultuous landscape following Hurricane Ian and Tropical Storm Nicole. Funds are limited, but we're committed to offering as much assistance as possible.

Donate to Hurricane Relief 

FLA joins our members in distress over the tragedies that have hit Florida in the wake of Hurricane Ian and Tropical Storm Nicole. Our thoughts are with our members and all Floridians impacted by these devastating storms.

FLA's Hurricane Relief Fund is now live, helping Florida libraries and library employees recover from damages due to the hurricane. 

Please donate as you are able; even the smallest amount makes a huge difference to our members in need. 

FLA is a strong community and together we are making a difference. Thank you for your generosity!

2022-2023 FLA President's Message

"In his speeches and sermons, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shared the belief that, “the arc of the moral universe, although long, is bending toward justice,” an idea that was borrowed from Theodore Parker, an abolitionist preacher1. President Barack Obama paraphrased this statement in his own speeches, and the idea persisted through his tenure and later into his post-presidential work. I often think about this quote, read different perspectives on its interpretations, and weigh it against my own values. I believe that if we are to achieve its promise, we must actively and energetically work toward this goal..."

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