2023 Annual Conference Lightning Round

(Accepted list below; currently confirming. Check back for updates.)

  • Georgette Spratling - “The Right to Inclusion: How Municipal Libraries Can Extend Privilege's to the Underserved”
  • Winona Patterson and Jinelle Bramante - Outreach and Inreach: It's All Good!  
  • Amber Arroyo (Strickland) and Sharon Uskokovich - LibGuide Taxonomies: The Next Frontier
  • Matthew David - Desk Trek: Library Managers in the Public Space  
  • Sarah Jane Hammill - The Next Frontier of Learning and Engagement with Mexican Libraries  
  • Jorge Perez - "Identifying Your Self: Understanding the Importance and Impact of Positionality Statements" 
  • April Hines - Librarians in the Pitch Meeting: Collaborating with Student Journalists
  • Patricia Takacs - Is AI the future of library research?