FLA 2024 Board Position Descriptions

 Vice-President/President-Elect I Treasurer I Region Directors


1. Term of Office
     a. End of conference to end of conference
     b. Serve a one-year term and then become President and, the year after Presidential year, become Past President.

2. General Duties
     a. Serves as a voting member of the Executive Board.
     b. Presides at Executive Board and other Association business meetings in the absence of the President, or upon request of the President, and assumes that office if it becomes vacant before completion of the term.
     c. Functions as Board liaison to selected committees and member groups.
     d. Attends all Executive Board meetings.
     e. Serves as an ex officio, voting or non-voting member of committees:

          (i) Voting
               - Conference
               - Finance
               - Intellectual Freedom
               - Advocacy & Legislative
               - Planning
          (ii) Non-voting   
               -  Awards
               -  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility
               -  Florida Public Library Standards
               -  Professional Development

     f. Identifies a theme for year as President before taking President’s office and announce at the annual conference.
     g. Immediately upon being elected and before the annual conference, appoints committee Vice-Chairs; Vice-Chairs will serve as Chairs during the Vice-President’s Presidential term.
     h. Communicates regularly with the President and Executive Director.
     i. Serves as a member of the State Library Council appointed by the Secretary of State; attend all meetings of the Council and make reports to the Executive Board.
     j. Develops Board liaison assignments for Presidential year with the Executive Board.


1.Term of Office
     a.  End of conference to end of conference
     b.  Two years, staggered with the term of the Secretary

2. Serves as a member of the Executive Board

3. Serves as a voting member of the Conference and Finance Committees and a non-voting member of the Awards Committee.

4. Reports on the status of the Association finances at Board and annual meetings.

5. Coordinates with the Executive Director to:
       a. insure that accurate records of all financial transactions are kept
       b. disburse the monies of the Association as budgeted and disburse unbudgeted monies upon approval of the President
       c. prepare or see that the following reports are prepared
           i)  A report for each Executive Board meeting comparing expenditures to date to budget.
           ii) Any and all financial reports necessary under state or federal law and submit them to the proper agencies

6. Reviews the financial records and books to see that they are in good order for the newly elected Treasurer within sixty days after the end of the term of office.

Region Directors

1. Term of Office
     a. Two years each for the six Directors
     b. Terms of the six Director positions are staggered with three Directors elected each year

2. Each Director lives or works in one of the state’s six geographic areas, with no two Directors living or working in the same geographic region. Click here to view your geographic area.

3. Serve as voting members of the Executive Board, representing the membership as a whole.

4. Be aware of and present to the Executive Board the needs and interests of their geographic area; communicate regularly with the library community in the area at meetings, through print or electronic or other means to keep Association members informed of events, issues and Executive Board actions, and to solicit suggestions for service improvements.

5. Serve as Board liaisons to assigned committees and member groups.

6. Represent the Association at library events as requested by the President and Executive Director.