Lean Six Sigma: Using Process Improvement to Enhance Library Services

Lean Six Sigma is a customer-focused method of identifying opportunities for process improvement that can be beneficial to libraries. Session attendees will gain a broad understanding of Lean Six Sigma and will be presented with specific examples demonstrating how it can be a useful tool in any library.


Jordan Miltner
Pasco County Library System
Jordan Miltner is a Digital Media Coordinator for Pasco Libraries with a passion for communicating with patrons in creative ways including social media marketing, print advertising, and graphic design. As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with a Master’s Degree in Executive Leadership, Jordan is also enthusiastic about problem-solving and process improvement and uses these skills to further the mission of Pasco Libraries.

Khalil Abu-jamous
Pasco County Library SystemKhalil Abu-jamous, Audio Production Coordinator for Pasco Libraries, has spent most of his career working in film/tv as an Audio Engineer and has worked for major networks such as WWE, HSN, Lifetime and others. He acquired his Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in August, 2022, and has integrated the lessons learned not only into library services, but into his personal life as well. Lean Six Sigma has provided him with the confidence to take on process improvement projects across the library system.

Hasina Akhter
Pasco County Library System
Hasina Akhter has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science, and has established a career as a Librarian with a specialty in technology and administration. She has been with Pasco Libraries for 4 years, and is skilled in ILS administration, collection development, website design, and circulation. She earned her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in 2021, and has enthusiastically used the skills learned to make improvements within the library system.

Katrina Rash
Pasco County Library System
Katrina Rash has been a Librarian with Pasco Libraries for 8 years, and has been a Branch Manager since 2016. She is dedicated to providing exceptional library services for the Pasco County community. After earning her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in 2019, she began facilitating a process improvement project team, which has allowed her many opportunities to collaborate and contribute to positive changes within the library system.