The Inclusive Frontier of the Future: The FLA's DEIA Committee's Panel Discussion on Methods for Promoting DEIA Initiatives

The importance of DEIA visibility is crucial in today's library world. As librarians we need to maintain and promote the promise of visibility and inclusion for all members of society. To enhance your library's DEIA initiatives, join us as we discuss what has worked for us as a committee. We will touch upon the success of a diversity reading group, newsletters, FLA initiatives, presentations and visual aids. After our panel talk, there will be time to reflect and share your library's hopes and plans for the future of your unique DEIA frontier. This presentation/discussion will help invigorate all to build a strong DEIA future in Florida's libraries.



Audrey Koke
Saint Leo University
Chair , DEIA Committee

Sonya Chapa
Heartland Library Cooperative
Vice Chair, DEIA Committee

Joyce West
Alachua County Library District
Member, DEIA Committee


Christina Butcher
Dunedin Public Library
Member, DEIA Committee

Kelly Bohannan 
Seminole County Public Library System
Past Chair and Current Member of the DEIA Committee