2018 FLA Friends, Foundations and Board Winners


Friends Newsletter Award

This award is given for a newsletter produced by Friends, demonstrating a high quality of writing, as well as promoting libraries, library programs and the Friends. The newsletter must truly be a Friends' newsletter, as opposed to a publication written and produced by library staff. Documentation required includes samples of four most recent newsletters and a narrative describing the purpose and intended audience, planning, creation and personnel involved as well as method of distribution and recipients. Criteria will include purpose and intended audience, method of creation and personnel involved, effective promotion of Friends and library, appearance (layout, graphic design, formatting), appeal of content & quality of writing content.

Winner: Osceola County Friends of the Library

Friends Newsletters: August 2017, January 2018May 2018

Special Projects Award

This award is given for a library related project carried out by the Friends, such as book sales, gift shops, cultural and literary workshops or discussions, homework assistance, literacy training, selling book bags - in other words, any library related project that the Friends group carries out. The event should be held within the past year in which it is nominated. Documentation required includes a narrative describing the purpose of the project, resources involved, results of the project and measure of community response appropriate to the size of the library system. Samples of products and publicity should be included. If the project is a fundraiser, budget and final amount realized should be included. Criteria will be similar to those for outstanding program. The project may be a continuing one, such as a book sale.

Winner: Friend of the Library Lighthouse Point Florida

Special Project: A three-year fundraiser to replace much needed items in the library.  Click here to read more!