Break Out the Escape Rooms!

Escape rooms are sweeping the nation! Learn about BreakOut EDU, how to customize and theme games, and experience our Harry Potter escape room sample. Great for ages 7 to 70, these popular programs can help support critical thinking and teamwork: Reinvigorate your programs by thinking outside the locked box!


Youth Services or Programming


Samma Fagan, Palm Harbor Library

Samma Fagan joined the ranks of librarians in 2017, after five years of working at one. She brings with her a lifetime of passion for learning through play, whether that play is tabletop games, interactive theater, or video games. She divides her time between the library, broadcasting on Twitch as an affiliate under the name TrickingLoki, and creating characters that trick people into learning when she interacts with them. 

Marisa Steuer, Palm Harbor Library

Marisa Steuer is Head of Youth Services at Palm Harbor Library. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from USF in 2010 and her MLIS from USF in 2013.

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